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About Our Hearing Center

Oregon Hearing Health Service

Dan Matheny and staff are committed to providing the best hearing solutions available on the market today.

Oregon Hearing Health Service is continually staying on top of the latest developments in the Hearing Aid Industry and bringing them to you to make your life better. Sam Matheny (who I am proud to say is my son) is serving our clientele very well in the capacity of testing hearing, selecting and fitting hearing aids, and performing intelligent follow-up to maximize satisfaction. We can now do more outreach to community locations, and are able to offer hearing help in a more timely manner. Exciting, isn't it?

I've been open in business in Oregon since I came home in 1992 after retiring from my Air Force career. I was trained as a hearing aid fitting specialist in Missouri and Illinois, and the learing never stops. I've been helping people in the Lebanon area hear better since 2009. I love it here!

We're local, convenient, and we care about you. We're also easy to find and available for no-obligation consultation, free hearing tests and the latest in digital hearing aid technology. Let us help you discover how much better life can be with today's hearing solutions; including the most advanced digital hearing aids from leading hearing aid manufacturers.

We provide comprehensive services for all unique types of hearing loss including: